Meet the Staff

Pastor Tori

Tori Raquet is Pastor of Connections and Community Outreach. 

Tori has always had a heart for outsiders.  Leaving the teaching field to follow God’s call into ministry, she now pursues this heart-passion through her work at Fremont Wesleyan and in the community.  Nothing pleases her more than inviting ‘outsiders’ into God’s Kingdom and into His Church.  Tori loves all the outdoor fun West Michigan has to offer, including: lakes, beaches, camping and riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.

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Pastor Tim

Tim Engelsman is the Pastor for Next Generation Ministries.  He started working here in June, 2006.
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Tim is passionate about leading students of all ages to discovering Jesus and becoming more like Him. He and his wife Ashley have two young daughters of their own and live a Christ-centered life. Tim enjoys hunting and fishing, and is enthusiastic about helping others grow and engage in ministry.

Leslie Anderson

Leslie Anderson is the Director of Worship Ministries.
Her job is to coordinate and oversee all aspects of worship ministries including music, drama, media, and Audio/Visual Teams to create an environment that draws people in to worship Jesus.
She started working here in May, 2017.
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She and her husband Barry together have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.


Chelsea Fetterley is the Kid’s Ministry Director. 

Her job is to help kids connect truths they learn from the Bible to living it out in their everyday lives.
She started working here in December, 2014.
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Kimberly Thomas is the Office Manager.
Her job is connecting people to staff and resources at Fremont Wesleyan.
She started working here in 2014.
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She and her husband Eric married in 2003 and have three kids.

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