Relational Health

Facing the Fears That Ruin Relationships

50 Days of Transformation - Relational Health (Part 5)

Genesis 3:6-19 “...  so Eve ate some of the fruit.  Then she also gave some to her husband, Adam, who was with her, and he ate it.  Immediately, their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness.  So they sewed fig leaves together to cover up themselves.  Then they heard the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from God among the trees.  But God called out to Adam, ‘Where are you?’ Adam replied, ‘I heard you coming and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.’


Then God asked, ‘Who told you that you were naked?  Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?’ Adam said, ‘You gave me this woman and she gave me the fruit, so I ate it.’ Then God said to Eve, ‘Why did you to this?’ Eve replied, ‘The serpent deceived me, and I ate it.’ ...So God said to Eve, ‘’ (Because you disobeyed me) you’ll have greater trouble in pregnancy and great pain in childbirth.  And though you’ll desire your husband, he’s going to lord it over you."


Then God said to Adam, "Because you also disobeyed me and sinned with your wife, the ground you work is now cursed.  And though you’ll get to eat what you planted, your fields will have weeds, and thorns and thistles, and for the rest of your life you’ll have to sweat and work hard to get your food until you yourself are returned to the dirt that I used to create you.”


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“God called to Adam, ‘Why are you hiding?’ Adam said, ‘I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.’” Gen.  3:9-10 (LB/TEV)


“...  they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness” vs.  7a (NLT)


“So they sewed fig leaves to cover up themselves.” vs. 7b


“Then they hid from God among the trees.” vs. 8


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“God asked, ‘Did you eat … what I told you not to eat?’ Adam answered, ‘YOU gave me this woman and SHE gave me the fruit!’”  Gen. 3:12


“Then Eve said, ‘The SNAKE tricked me into eating!” Gen. 3:13 (TEV)


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The result of their sin:


“… You’ll have yearning for your husband, but he will lord it over you…” vs.  16 (NJB)       “… he will dominate you …” (Ber)


THE ANTIDOTE: ________________________________

“Wherever God's love is, there is no fear, because God's perfect love drives out all fear.”       1 John 4:18a (NCV)


“It is the thought of punishment (negative consequences) that makes a person fearful.”        John 4:18b (NCV)


  1. Everyday SURRENDER ____________________________________________

       “Surrender your heart to God, turn to him in prayer, and give up your sins— even those you do in secret.  Then you won't be ashamed; you will be confident and fearless.  your troubles will go away like water beneath a bridge, and your darkest night will be brighter than noon.  Then you’ll rest safe and secure, filled with hope and emptied of worry!”  Job 11:13-18 (CEV)


  1. Everyday remember ____________________________________________


o I’M _______________________________________________________

Jesus made us acceptable to God.” Titus 3:7 (CEV)


o I’M _______________________________________________________

My love for you will never end says the Lord.” Isaiah 54:10


o I’M _______________________________________________________

“There is NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus!”  Rom. 8:1


o I’M ______________________________________________________

 “You’ve been bought and paid for by Christ’s death.” 1 Cor. 7:23


  1. Everyday offer _________________________________________________

Accept one another just as Christ accepted you.” Rom. 15:7

Love never stops being patient, Love never stops believing, Love never stops hoping, Love never gives up!”   1 Cor.  13:7 (GW)