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Guest Luncheon

Do you have time for a quick luncheon this month? Each month the staff at Fremont Wesleyan enjoys sitting down with our newer guests to get to know them in a casual, easy-going setting. We keep it simple with soup, sandwiches and homemade cookies. Bring the whole family, we can’t wait to meet you!
You can find the next Guest Luncheon date by looking at the events and activities calendar


What do you love to do? Chances are, there are people at Fremont Wesleyan who love to do it, too! People from Fremont Wesleyan have favorite events they participate in throughout the year: community gardening, camping, women’s retreat, women’s nights out, New Year’s party, Vacation Bible School, etc. Why do life alone when we can do it together?


A small group is a safe, healthy environment where participants of 10-12 people meet two to four times a month to experience spiritual growth, authentic community and opportunities to reach the world. There are small groups that appeal to men, women, families, grandparents and others.

Exploring Membership 

Find out what it means to be a member at Fremont Wesleyan Church. You’ll learn about the vision and mission of Fremont Wesleyan, as well as the goals of the church for every member: how to grow in your walk with Jesus and how to use your abilities to help others. Exploring Membership is offered twice each year.


God has uniquely designed each of us for a very specific purpose in His kingdom. This seminar has been developed to help you explore your particular gifts, abilities, personality and passion and how you can be used by God because of them. SHAPE is offered twice each year.