meet the staff



Rev. Darrell Lamos
Senior Pastor

I seek to lead Fremont Wesleyan Church to be all that God envisions His church to be. This involves developing our love for God, growing in our love for others, and discovering our part in serving God’s purposes. It’s my desire that the people of Fremont Wesleyan seek to know God and to make Him known to others.
In my spare moments I enjoy time out on my property, cutting down trees and getting my wood supply ready for winter. I also have the great joy of being a grandfather.


Mrs. Leslie Anderson
Director of Worship and Music

As the Director of Worship Ministries, I have the pleasure of working with all things creative for the glory and adoration of The Creator. We worship together in many ways so that each person may connect with God in a personal way. Music, drama, video and metaphoric object lessons are just some of the elements we use in worship.
In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and walking the shores of Lake Michigan, but my greatest joy is spending time with my grandchildren.



Rev. Tim Engelsman
Assistant Pastor
(Pastor of Student, Kids & Young Adult Ministry)

I help students of all ages discover who Jesus is, develop to become like Him, and deploy to impact the world. I get excited about spiritual development and watching others engage in ministry. When I need to refresh, I enjoy sitting in my tree stand, or spending a day on the lake with my fishing pole.



Rev. Tori Raquet
Assistant Pastor
(Pastor of Connections, Care & Ministry Mobilization)

I assist people as they take next steps in their spiritual journey closer to Jesus Christ. Whether it’s helping people get to know others at Fremont Wesleyan, assisting people into small groups, or mobilizing people into meaningful volunteer opportunities…I’m all about the positive life-change that occurs when people take their next steps.

My favorite kind of fun includes family-time in a camper or a cottage, by a lake, with a good book always ready beside me!


Chelsea Jensen
Kids Ministry Director

I help kids of all ages see that God loves them and  that He wants to have a personal relationship with them. I love seeing kids take the truths that they learn from the Bible and applying them in their every day lives.

I love spending time with my family and friends, being active, and playing music.


Mrs. Kimberly Thomas
Office Manager

My role in serving God at Fremont Wesleyan involves connecting people to resources, other people, and helping with technology. I enjoy using my organizational skills to assist not only the staff, but the congregation at large. For fun I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three kids.