meet the staff


Rev. Darrell Lamos Senior Pastor

Darrel Lamos is the Senior Pastor Devoted to the Ministry of the Word and Prayer. (Acts 6:4)
His job is to lead Fremont Wesleyan Church to Know God and Make Him Known. 
He started working here in August, 2010.Find him on Facebook at

He and his wife Debbie have three children. Two of them are married, and Darrell and Debbie are blessed to have six grandchildren.

At Fremont Wesleyan, we want to see People Made New in Christ so they live lives of Worship, Witness, and Wisdom.


Rev. Tim Engelsman Assistant Pastor 

Tim Engelsman is the Spiritual Growth Pastor.
His job is to teach, preach and equip staff, volunteers, and church attendees to make disciples. He started working here in June, 2006.Find him on Twitter.

He and his wife Ashley married in September, 2009, and have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Kaylynn and Maddison.

At Fremont Wesleyan, we help people discover who they are, where they belong, and their purpose.


Rev. Tori Raquet Assistant Pastor 

Tori Raquet is Pastor of Connections and Community Outreach.

Her job is to assist people as they explore growing closer to God and closer to other people who follow God.
She started working here in 2004.

Find her on Facebook.

She and her husband Dave love living in West Michigan and enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking and riding their motorcycle.

At Fremont Wesleyan we reach out to the community to help people grow closer to God.

Mrs. Leslie Anderson Director of Worship and Music

Leslie Anderson is the Director of Worship Ministries.
Her job is to coordinate and oversee all aspects of worship ministries including music, drama, media, and Audio/Visual Teams to create an environment that draws people in to worship Jesus.

She started working here in May, 2017.

Find her on Facebook and on Twitter.

She and her husband Barry together have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.


Chelsea Jensen Kids Ministry Director

Chelsea Jensen is the Kid’s Ministry Director. Her job is to help kids connect truths they learn from the Bible to living it out in their everyday lives.

She started working here in December, 2014.

Find her on Facebook and on Instagram.

She enjoys living on her own with her dog and cat.

At Fremont Wesleyan Kids Ministry is a high priority and we support parents in spiritually nurturing their children.


Mrs. Kimberly Thomas Office Manager

Kimberly Thomas is the Office Manager.

Her job is connecting people to staff and resources at Fremont Wesleyan.

She started working here in May, 2014.

Find her on Facebook.

She and her husband Eric married in 2003 and have three kids.

At Fremont Wesleyan she assists with communication, compensation, coordination and compilation.