We want to pray WITH you and we want to pray FOR you.

Do you have a prayer request or praise that you would like to share* with the church family at Fremont Wesleyan?  Or, is the nature of your prayer request/praise more confidential, and would you like to share it with our pastors and care/staff?  You may also feel free to download our church app and put your request on the prayer wall yourself.
*We reserve the right to modify public prayer requests if needed.


If your prayer request contains sensitive information, please use this form to share the request/praise with the pastors and/or care staff at Fremont Wesleyan.


If your prayer request or praise is something that can be shared with anyone in the church, please use this form. 

Prayer Wall

There is a virtual Prayer Wall in the Fremont Wesleyan app where prayer requests or praises can be submitted without waiting for church office hours.