volunteer – outreach


Focusing on real people searching for a real God, Outpost offers hope and support to people needing help in both their life journeys and in their spiritual journeys. Providing relational leadership in financial, emotional, relational and spiritual areas, Outpost opportunities are designed to get people “unstuck.”

Outpost Bible Discovery Group

Seeking un-believers and new Christians, Bible Discovery meets in small groups to peel back the many layers of scripture. By encouraging an understanding of Biblical truths and finding real-life application of God’s word, volunteers can walk with new believers as they develop a relationship with Jesus.

Outpost Jobs for Life

Designed to address poverty and unemployment, Jobs for Life (JfL) helps people identify and overcome their roadblocks, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Each one of the 16-week classes provides students with a Biblical message to provide a Godly foundation, and offers a structured and supportive network to help them on their journey. Volunteer coaches help others find their purpose, build meaningful connections, and connect with the right resources, equipping JFL graduates to develop a life of meaningful employment.  All JfL students are asked to participate in a Bible Discovery Group.

Outpost Immigrant Connection

Acting as agents of spirit-filled outreach and hospitality, FWC operates an accredited program through the Department of Justice to provide help to our immigrant neighbors. Sharing the love of Jesus through providing legal services, Immigrant Connection volunteers offer advice and counsel, work authorizations, citizenship applications and more to low-income families and individuals eligible for an immigration benefit.

Outpost Love and Logic

Being a parent is one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding, roles out there. As society changes and our children grow, sometimes, we find ourselves lacking the knowledge to best handle the situations and problems we’re suddenly faced with. Built around creating caring and respectful relationship, the Love and Logic approach to parenting establishes loving yet powerful tools to help our children make better choices. Love and Logic families are invited to participate in Bible Discovery Groups, as well as Vacation Bible School for their children.

Global Missions


Here you can make a difference by praying daily for our church sponsored missionaries who serve in multiple locations all over the world.


Here you can make a difference by helping raise funds or awareness for a church sponsored mission initiative.


Here you can make a difference by perhaps actually organizing a mission trip to share the message of Jesus in both word and action.